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about real estate auctions

  Mark Oberly Auction Services uses the ISR Group. The ISR Group is a dedicated team of Real Estate Brokers and Realtors that brings an added value to every transaction with superior knowledge, experience, and work ethic that gets the job done for those sending the property to auction or doing a straight listing on the MLS. We handle your complete real estate transaction from start to finish, and document reviews can be provided upon request.

about the ISR Group

The ISR Group has valued over $1.3 billion in residential and commercial properties. We are confident in assessing the value of your property. Our professional team has strong relationships with professionals in all aspects of real estate throughout the tri-county area including contractors, appraisers, loan officers, surveyors and elected officials, to name a few. This means that we are able to service ALL of your real estate needs. The Group has a large network of MLS Board access across the state of Michigan, which means more buyers see your property when you auction off or list your home. All of our listings are aggregated to the most popular websites such as, Zillow, and Trulia. This means buyers from every corner of the state will see your property for sale. We have a working relationship with local municipalities as well as planning commissions, real estate attorneys, and elected officials. What if a zoning issues arises? What if your land can be split to yield a higher sale price? No worries, the ISR Group under Mark Oberly Auction Services specializes in unique real estate transactions, and we are confident you will be a satisfied client.

what are the benefits?

Some other value-added benefits that can be included for every client when they use us is: HD drone footage (see the video below!), professional pictures, social media marketing to over 250,000 people including live video linked to sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Live video feeds on YouTube and Facebook that generate thousands in views and interest, listing on multiple MLS boards, and decades of expert real estate and valuation service from top performing brokers and realtors in the state of Michigan. If it is determined your property is not suited for an auction sale we can still sell the contents at auction and list the property in a conventional manner. A full line of real estate services can be brought to bear for your unique circumstances.

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