Our Team

Our highly skilled team is ready to assist you with all of your auction needs!

A 1976 graduate from Repperts Auction School in Decatur, Indiana, Mark Oberly is a professional, full time auctioneer with an extensive business background. His brother, Ron Oberly, also brings an abundance of knowledge from a business career and graduated in 1993 from the Missouri Auction School in Kansas City. Scott Petticrew, a 1983 graduate of Missouri Auction School in Kansas City, works hard to ensure a smooth auction. Dedicated to the auction method of marketing, both men have established a superior auction and appraisal business to promote this concept.

Our professionally trained staff handles every phase of liquidation from promotion to complete site clean-up at the completion of the auction. Regardless of where the auction is held, our team will handle every phase of the process quickly and efficiently. You can meet our exceptional team below!


  • Mark oberly


  • Ron Oberly


  • scott Petticrew


  • larry woodman


  • Norm gibler


  • jim slaughterbeck


  • Grant Cole


The rest of our crew

  • Teresa oberly Office Manager


  • Becky Clerk


  • izzie Cashier in training


  • Lisa Clerk + Cashier


  • Lori Cashier


  • Meghan Clerk


  • shelly Cashier

  • Katie Clerk

  • tanesha Clerk + Cashier


  • brice Clerk + Cashier


  • Lisa S. Cashier + Clerk

  • Tracy Cashier

  • John Evanski Set-up Coordinator

  • Becky Hay and Straw Clerk

  • LeeAnn Poultry Barn Clerk

  • The Food Dude Lunch Wagon Specialist

  • Sarah & Ellen The Food Dude Girls

  • Darrin & Janine Bauer Tagged Estate Specialists

  • Michael C. Auction Crew


  • Michael Parsell Auction Crew


  • Mike oberly Auction Grounds Supervisor & Maintenance


  • chuck parsell Set-up Crew


  • mike zilke Set-up Crew


  • Mikie oberly Loadout Specialist


  • pat bracey Auction Crew


  • rocky Auction Topper Driver


  • Ron Vandorn Auction Crew & Ringman


  • justin frederick Trucker & Mechanic


  • Norm s. Auction Crew


  • Jason Curson Auction Crew


  • Greg moore sr. Real Estate Auction Sales Coordinator & Tech Support


  • Ron Woodman Coin Specialist

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