Dundee Auction

Dundee Auction Service & Sale Barn Inc.

Join us for our regularly scheduled Dundee Auction! Held at our facility on the 1st, 3rd, and 5th Saturday of each month, year-round! Rain or shine, come to the Dundee Auction to buy or sell!

Auction Times

8:30 am – Miscellaneous Goods 12 noon – Poultry 1 pm – Hay/Straw 2 pm – Livestock

Location and Directions

3223 Dennison Rd. Dundee, MI 48131 From Dundee, MI at U.S. 23 & M-50. Go west on M-50 about 4 miles to Dennison Rd. Go south about 1.5 miles to the farm.

how it all works

Obtain a bid number from the office. Wait until the item you like comes up for bidding, and let the auctioneer know if you would like to bid on that item by holding up your bid number. After the auction has finished, you may pay for and pick up your item at the designated area.  MI sales tax applies to all sales – lunch opens early, privy provided on grounds.


We accept almost all varieties of miscellaneous new and used items, including: New & Used Hand & Power tools, Lumber, Farm Related Equipment, Primitives, Garage and Barn Items, New and Old Collectibles, Poultry, Livestock, Misc. items and Hay/Straw. You may bring your items in on the Thursday or Friday before the auction from 11am-7pm, or on the morning of the auction.  We can auction a single consigned item or numerous items.  A tag is provided for your name and address. Come early, a designated area is provided to set out your items (items placed in neat rows sell best!) Depending on what you have, folding tables are a good idea. We supply wagons to put your goods on if needed. Payment and record of sold items are available between 5-6pm the day of sale or can be mailed out.


We sell poultry by the head or by the count per cage or box. The poultry auction begins at 12:00 Noon, starting with farm fresh eggs, baby chicks or ducks, then pigeons or quail, chickens, rabbits, ducks, geese, guinea fowl, turkeys and peacocks.


The hay auction begins at 1:00 pm. Hay and straw are sold by the bale – multiplied by the amount of bales per stack. Stacks are tagged with lot numbers telling you the count in the stack and what cutting. We also sell round bales.


Livestock sales start at 2:00 pm. All livestock will be auctioned out of trailers. Livestock includes goats, sheep, calves, cattle, hogs, pigs, llamas, horses, donkeys and mules. Livestock and poultry can be brought in on Saturday morning only beginning at 8 am.